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Home Theatre Setup

Is your equipment hooked up properly? We can ensure that you are maximising your system’s capabilities.

If you need any help setting up your home theatre system, any form of cabling surrounding audio systems or looking for a wireless environment then give us a call. Many people have great equipment but lack the know-how to set it up correctly. Our friendly team are happy to assist with this rather complicated setup!

Our graphic & web design skills are equally matched in the audio department.

Digital Re-mastering (Don’t let time destroy your precious musical rarities)

Depending on the amount of degradation of your audio tapes & vinyl we have the ability to remove the hiss, bumps, pips & scratches and redigitise them into high quality CD’s or DVD’s. This is time consuming work; however if they are precious it is well worth doing, particularly with cassettes & vinyl as they deteriorate over time (not to mention it’s pretty hard to play vinyl in the car! LOL). We use various programs to achieve this.

In many cases we can even resurrect music files from damaged CD’s, depending on the extent of the damage. If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you. Please call us or Email to discuss your needs.

DJ Services

Aussie Digital also provide DJ services as we have the equipment (and copious amounts of music) to keep your function or party pumping. With the added hire of a projector we also have the capabilities to throw extraordinary images up on the wall that morph and hypnotise with the beat of the music. These Visuals can be custom built with added themes, pictures, logo’s, names and sayings to further enhance the experience. You will definitely be blown away. Click below or copy the link, for a (low quality you tube) sample) http://www.youtube.com/user/FairlyHefty#p/u/10/3tmRNB86FKE

Again, call us for a chat if you require this service.

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